Meet Me Halfway



During the COV-19 quarantine, I discovered that there is no mobile or web platform in Germany, for those who love to make sport and meditate. I took the challenge to create an application that provides the user the opportunity to combine sport and meditation to counterbalance the stress that we feel in our bodies and our minds, whenever they want. Imagine an application where you can make both of them, find some awesome trainers to train your body and quality mediation to train your mind at the same time.

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Adobe PhotoShop
Google Surveys
A/B Testing

My Role

- Logo design.
- Initial analysis of the existing fitness&meditation apps.
- Research process with a synthesis and analysis of key opportunities.
- Created wireframes.


Is an innovative service that brings together fitness training and meditation techniques. It’s easy to use, it offers the big diversity of fitness and meditation techniques for a different type of users and ads innovations to all the customer journey from choosing to take care of their body and soul. That’s what the brand image was based on, and the company name represents a compilation of two aspects: Me Center. Meet Me Halfway offers you the possibility to take a break from the chaos of daily life and be still and focus on the self.


Because aesthetic words and colors evoke ideas, the important factor to consider was the high readability of the logo. After I analyzed the target audience and having done the market research, I tested several direction, including minimalistic lettermark, and the winner was Blanka Font (designed by Emmeran Richard).

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